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High Purity Compact Copper Scrap Wire Granulator Machine

  • KLG-600S


KLG-600S High Purity Compact Copper Scrap Wire Granulator Machine is professional line for scrap wire yard or recycling plant. It can recycycle the waste wires with dry type airflow separating device, especially for those wire which not suitable for stripping (generally copper core within 28mm),such as telecommunication wires, automobile wires, car bottom wires, motorcycle wires, computer wires and household wires etc. 

With KLG-600S High Purity Compact Copper Scrap Wire Granulator Machine, you can recycle the waste copper wire and cables to tiny copper and plastic granules. It is the hottest model with medium production capacity. 

◆We have ready machines in stock, can make delivery within 10 days.

scrap wire granulator machine-application

Working process:

Crushing→Air separating→Pulse Dust collecting→Magnetic Iron removal (optional)→Secondary Vibrating Table Separating (Optional)



1. Compact structure for saving space, reasonable layout for easy installation and transportation.

2. PLC control to ensure the evenly feeding, efficient and stable running.

3. Special designed crusher makes less noise but bigger output.

4. The sorting rate of air separator above 99%.  

5. Additional vibrating table for secondary separation which makes purer copper/plastic, rate can reach 99.9%.

6. Dust collection device for creating clean operating space.

600S wire granulator machine details1

Production & workshop:



Q1: Is the machine installation complicated? Can buyer finish it by themselves?

A1 : Our upgraded design with compact structure, we already test well and all data been set. You just need to get the power connected.

Q2: Can the machine be used for scrap aluminum wire? 

A2: Sure, the machine is multipurose. It can be used for various sizes and kinds of cables.

Q3: Will it take too much space for laying the whole line machine?

A3: Not exactlly. Our design is the most reasonable. Besides we will give you the customized layout proposal to save your space.

Q4: How long is the warranty? 

A4: One year for whole machine (not include the wearing parts)

Q5: What if machine parts broken or stopped running? 

A5: During the warranty, if any machine parts broken due to quality issues, we will provide it freely. After warranty, you just need to buy it from us at cost price. 

Any time when the machine stopped, please contact us and provide photos & videos, we will give you the solution as early as we can. 24 hours online service. 

Model: KLG-600S High Purity Compact Copper Scrap Wire Granulator Machine

Cable input limitation




Total power


Machine weight

Around 3200kg

Overall size


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