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What’s the market trend of copper wire machines

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The dry type copper wire machine(also called wire granulator,cable recycling machine), is widely used for automotive cables, communication cables and other various cables with a diameter of less than 28mm directly. It can grind the wires into particles. Then completely separate copper / plastic by air blower and achieve the purpose of recycling, make high profits. 

The biggest advantage of KLAY designed wire granulator machine is without dust or water pollution. Integral combined structure is so convenient for installation, commissioning also easy for transportation. When you receive it, just do power connection, it can start production quickly.

The waste cable recycling industry developed very fast in past years, but the copper recycled by the old generation machine can only be used as raw material waste copper, still need smelting, electrolysis and other processes to become raw copper.

Using copper wire granulator machine to process waste cable is an advanced technology, which has been applied in industrial developed countries such as the United States since the 1980s. The advanced copper wire granulating machine has a good effect on the treatment of waste cables. After a series of processing methods, the waste copper cables become pure copper rice and plastics particles. Copper particles (we also call it copper powder) is equivalent to electrolytic copper. That we can use for metal production directly.

The main indicators for judging a copper wire granulation machine are the purity of copper and plastic particles, power consumption, environmental protection and production costs. There are many types of copper recycling machines in China, and the quality grades are so different. The main problems are the small-scale workshops and processed copper rice has low purity and can not be used directly as recycled copper. In addition, the residual copper in waste plastics is higher, which not only reduce the copper recycling rate and the grade of waste plastics, also cause pollution to the environment. Most of them are not perfect for use.

Therefore, high-efficiency and energy-saving copper wire granulating machines will seize business opportunities and will become more and more popular. 

Its main performance: 

1. No dust and no secondary pollution, play a role in protecting the environment; 

2. A variety of advanced technologies applied in the machine, reducing human costs, improving production efficiency, and having higher economic benefits. Therefore, it can meet the users' requirements and realized its value.


Saving the environment and making your recycling business the highest value is what we pursuing. With a professional and creative team, we will build a pleasant business with you.





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