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How to solve the blocking during running a wire granulating machine?

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As a waste wire recycling equipment, wire granulator machine is an environmentally friendly mechanical equipment used for crushing waste wire, electrical route, miscellaneous wire, communication wire and data wire, and sorting the copper and plastic in them. During the use, the cable granulator machine should be cleaned and maintained regularly, so which parts of the wire granulator machine are easy to block?This article will introduce you to the wire granulator machine in use:

Feed port of copper granulation machine: 

Firstly, feed is the main premise of the processing operation of copper wire machines.  Without the feed port, it is impossible to finish the grinding and processing of waste wires and cables and other operations. Because of this, the inlet will also be blocked when it is used.  If the material specification carried by the inlet is too large, serious congestion will occur, leading to a decrease in the feeding speed. Therefore, daily cleaning of the feed inlet is to ensure the normal operation of the machine. However, our copper granulation machine has overload protection device.  When the host machine is overloaded, there will be an alarm to remind you to reduce the feeding.

The copper recycling machine's sieve: 

Secondly, the sieve is the most important device for filtering particulate matter and separating copper from plastic. The normal operation of this part is one of the factors that determines the separation rate. The screen will clog up after long use and work. Therefore, we need to check and clean the sieve of copper granulation machine regularly to improve the purity of copper.       

I hope the introduction of wire granulator machine in this article is helpful to you.  If you have any problems during the use of copper wire machines, please feel free to contact us.  We will diagnose the fault and provide a solution as soon as possible. Good after-sales service will make kailai go further.




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