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How to sort out waste copper after wire recycling

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The first one is pure copper wire with bare, uncoated and alloy-free surface, no oxidation, no wool, and the diameter of copper wire is not less than 1.6 mm.


The second includes clean, colourless, uncoated, tin-free, alloy-free pure copper wire and copper cable, without wool and burnt brittle copper wire.


The third kind of alloy-free scrap copper wire contains impurities with a copper content of 96% (minimum content 94%). No excessive lead and tin copper wires, welded copper wires, brass and bronze wires, excessive oil, scrap steel and non-metal, brittle overburnt wires, insulating copper wires and excessive fine wires shall be included.

Appropriate methods are needed to remove dirt. All kinds of pure copper scraps, including the edge and corner materials, cutting heads, scrap secondary materials, semi-finished products, wires and scraps of pure copper produced by copper processing factories and copper processing factories, promise to have scrap pure copper bare wires and copper pipes and other pure copper products, but do not allow scale, oil stain, coating, etc. No impurities and copper alloys are allowed in waste copper guess, and no wool, scraps, grinding, etc. Chips and copper plates with thickness less than 1 mm.


In fact, they are all called copper, but the kind that the market sells more is called copper miscellaneous, the content of copper is about 80%, and there are more kinds of scrap metal that the brass also sells. The general brass is 59% of pure copper, and the other components are mainly zinc. This kind of copper is also called brass miscellaneous. Line Type Wire Granulator Machine is the best machine for recycling the waste copper wires and aluminium wires, it use crsher to grind the wires, then separate the granules by air separator and gravity separator. Finally you can get 99.9% clean copper or aluminum.

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