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What is wire shredder machine?

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Wire shredder machine is a kind of miscellaneous cables that are not suitable for processing, such as automobile power lines, communication cables and wire stripping machines.  After crushing and processing, high-voltage static electricity will be separated. Copper and plastic can be completely separated, and achieve comprehensive utilization. This article mainly introduces what is wire shredder machine.

Here are the main points of the article:

  • Introduction to wire shredder machine

  • Working principle of wire shredder machine

  • Equipment customization requirements for wire shredder machine


1. Introduction to wire shredder machine:

Wire shredder machine is a device that breaks up a wire to the size of a grain of rice and then screens it. There are many other names for this device, such as cable shredder machine, copper wire shredder machine, etc. Wire shredder machine is another name for the crusher in a copper rice machine.  Some customers also call it wire shredder machine. In the process of recycling old wires, the first step is the cable shredder machine to break or shred large and complete wire into small sections of wires or copper and plastic particles.

After the wire is crushed, screen it again. Whether it is dry copper wire recycling, or wet copper wire recycling, the basic process is broken - the process of screening.

Dry copper wire recycling, will be broken in the wire, through the air separator to separate the copper and plastic particles, air separator can also be used for the separation of copper and aluminum water tank, as well as the car rotor separation. Wet copper wire recycling is the shredding of the wire and the use of a water shaker or water separator to separate the plastic from the copper particles.

In the process of wire recovery, there are many ways of transmission.

Belt conveyor, material is transferred from one equipment to another by the rotation of the belt.

Spiral conveyor, material in the pipeline, through the spiral structure, the material to another equipment.

Air flow conveyor, material in the pipeline, through the air flow transport.


2. Working principle of wire shredder machine:

 The crusher, shredder, separator and other equipment developed by cable shredder machine are highly innovative, and its resource-based processing process is advanced and reasonable. The wire shredder machine adopts the dry crushing and crushing method, which makes the raw materials such as old cables and wires become the mixture of metal and plastic and other non-metallic materials after crushing and crushing, and then separates the metal from the plastic and other non-metallic materials through the high-voltage electrostatic separator. The crushing can be finished by multiple machines with automatic conveying, sound insulation technology and cooling system, etc. , so as to achieve the separation and recovery of metal and plastics.  The waste cable and wire recycling equipment has the characteristics of low noise, large output and strong innovation. The copper in the wire shredder machine can maintain the original quality of copper and recycle plastic, which can generate great economic benefits. This equipment also adopts the three-in-one dust removal device produced by our company.  This dust removal device (three-in-one dust remover) has three levels of dust removal: cyclone dust removal, bag dust removal and air purifier dust removal, effectively solving the dust pollution problem.

The size of after raw materials crushing is decided by size of the bottom sieve’s hole.  The copper/aluminum wire is more thick, the sieve’s hole should be bigger.  Crusher’s bearing should be add high temperature grease 2 to 3 times every month, open bearing case cover (13) direct injection it when adding high temperature grease.  The blade abrasion, it used again after should sharpen.  Install the blade note: the blade edge and bottom of the bottom sieve center distance 0. 5mm-3mm.  First fixed two edge fixed blades inside, keep two blades in same line and parallel to the main shaft.  Then fixed ten mid-rotating blades based on this two fixed blades just can not touch the knife edge, next install opposite two edge fixed blades.  Tighten screw after install all blades.


3.  Equipment customization requirements for wire shredder machine:

(1) The configuration of cable shredder machine, hoist, conveyor and separator is different due to different types of waste wire.  The company can customize the production line of various specifications according to the customer's needs. The most thin 0. 1mm of all kinds of wire can also be broken recovery, the effect is very obvious.

(2) I plant to ensure that customers can bring raw materials to the company's site trial, inspection

I hope this article will be helpful for you to understand wire shredder machine.   Our company provides variousWire Stripping Machine, Wire Granulator Machine.  If you need wire shredder machine, please contact us


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