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Cautions of starting a wire granulating machine

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For most of people doing wire recycling business, they like to invest on the most efficient and stable cable recycling machine. This will help them to increase the production and make more money. A professional machine supplier not only make good quality machine, they also provide good service to their users. In that way, machine users become professional and competitive in their field also.  People who using KLAY wire granulating machine are quite happy with the machine performance. Besides the reliable quality of machine itself, users needs to know well about the operation as well. Then the machine can achieve maximum value.

1. Understand the Operation Manual clearly.

Before starting a wire granulating machine, please read the manual carefully, so you can have a general understanding of the structure and working principle. This makes it easier to understand how the equipment crushes and separates the used scrap wires, even if any error occured, you can quickly find the reason. It also improves our proficiency and maintenance level.

2. Idling running as machine warming up.

Must start the machine without feeding any material. Otherwise it will damage equipment components and damage the motor.

3. Must start with dust collection device. 

To avoid dust pollution, operator should start the dust collector when the waste wire is flattened. Open the air channel door of the dust collector and fix it according to the regulations to keep the dust channel clear.

4. Wearing parts inspection.

Due to the frequent crushing of waste wires, it will cause some wear of the main crusher. Therefore, we need to regularly check the wear of the blades and other wearing parts, do maintenance and lubrication to reduce equipment wear or parts missing.

5.Electricity safety matters.

When changing shifts, should turn off the power before leaving. Sometimes the power may be cut off suddenly during running. At this time, the power should be turned off to avoid a dangerous situation when the power is suddenly supplied.

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Saving the environment and making your recycling business the highest value is what we pursuing. With a professional and creative team, we will build a pleasant business with you.





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