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What the Preparations and Precautions for installing metal baler

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Due to Covid in last two years, our users got used to install the heavy metal baler machine by themselves. With our online technical support, it becomes much easier and efficient work now.

Lifting and Fundation

When hoisting, pay attention to the center of gravity of the parts to be hoisted, select wire ropes and hoisting tools according to the gross and net weights.

The machine does not vibrate significantly during operation, so there is no special requirement for the foundation. For users who has large production and not intend to move the machine, the foundation design can refer to our foundation drawing. The user can design the foundation according to the specific situation also.

The installation work should be carried out in the following order:

(1) The parts should be thoroughly cleaned before installation;

(2) Place the host on the installation foundation;

(3) Place the power unit on the installation foundation;

(4) Level the fuselage, make the tail of the side cylinder rest on the support, and level the side cylinder;

(5) Install the main cylinder in place so that the tail of the main cylinder rests on the support, and level the cylinder;

(6) Connect all pipes and circuits.

Preparation before installation

(1)Unscrew the cap of the air filter and fill the tank with clean oil through the oil filling port.

Refuel 70% of the oil tank the first time, then add more after starting the machine to keep the oil level above the middle of the oil mark. The grade of oil is L-HM68 or L-HM46 hydraulic oil (the small value for high ambient temperature and the large value for low temperature), and the oil is poured into the plunger pump.

(2)Check whether the hydraulic pipe joints and the connection parts of the machine are firm.

(3)Check whether the electrical wiring is correct and firm, and whether the grounding wire is good and reliable.

(4)Add lubricating oil to each lubrication point.


Precautions for installing a metal baler

(1)Avoid to install the machine in the open air;

(2)The hydraulic oil must be filtered by 20μm, and should always keep a sufficient amount of oil;

(3)Clean the oil tank or replace the oil with new one once a year (The oil change time for the first cleaning should not exceed three months). The oil can be used again after strict filtration;

(4)Lubricating oil is injected at least once per shift;

(5)Always pay attention to the bolts, nuts and pipe joints of each connection part, and there must be no looseness. Make regular inspections to tighten and prevent loosening;

(6)All parts of the hydraulic system must no oil leak.

(7) Please clean and remove the chip of the air filter and the filter screen of the oil return filter frequently. If it is seriously blocked, it needs to be replaced. The cover of the oil return filter must be sealed well when installed.

(8)If the machine is not used for a long time, all parts of the machine should be cleaned. The exposed piston rod, the inner wall of the material box, the guard plate of the pressure head, etc., should be coated with anti-rust oil, and the working oil should be drained.

(9)Please check the pressure gauge every three months. If it is damaged,  should replace it in time;

(10)If the electrical components of the pump and valve are repaired or replaced, the machine can only be put into use after the test run is adjusted to normal.

If you have any questions regarding the metal recycling machines (baler & shear), we'd like to give our professional proposals and sloutions.


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