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How to maintain the dry method wire granulating machine

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Do you know how to use the wire granulator machine at a lowest energy cost? We tell you the maintenance methods to creat biggest production.

Dry method compact copper wire granulator machine (also called wire granulating machine) is a machine that can crush waste wire into tiny particles and separate plastic/copper efficiently. Dry copper wire granulator machine with crusher use a motor to drive the rotating shaft fixed with cutting blades. After crushing and separating, the copper wires are peeled and grinded. To ensure the production capacity and separation purity, we need to maintain the machines timely.

Wire crusher blades

1. Check the blade and blade screws wearing situation. The blades should be grind every 5 days the most. If worn too much, need to replace by new one.

2. Beside the grinding for blades, we also need to check the space (gap) between blades. The smaller the space(gap), the better looking particles we will get (normally the length of finished particles is 1-2mm). Blades is one of the most important part decide the production of wire granulating separator machine.

Air separator adjustment

When the finished copper mixed with some plastic, need to adjust the air blowing force and vibrating rate. You need to clean the mesh and dust outlet part every shift. 

Clean the mesh and screen of separator also dust collecting bag. New design Klay dry copper granulating machine is quite convenient to do clean also parts replacement job, it just takes minutes. 

Also if the wire core too thin (under 0.2mm). If so, need additional electrostatic separator to increase the purity.

Above the main tips of maintain and operation for your reference. Surely if you have other questions or any enquiry of copper wire recycling machine (wire granulation machine, automatic wire stripping machine, cable shredder etc.), welcome to contact us for technical support anytime. We are professional wire granulator manufacturer from CHINA with 10 years history.


Saving the environment and making your recycling business the highest value is what we pursuing. With a professional and creative team, we will build a pleasant business with you.





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