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Applications of the cable shredder machine

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Wire shredder machine is a professional equipment applicable to the crushing of copper wire, aluminum wire, headphone wire and mobile phone receipt wire.  It provides reliable equipment for the recycling of old wires and cables for the separation of copper and plastic. For the long length of wire and cable and easy winding, the cable shredder machine is independently developed.  The wire shredder machine can effectively avoid the disadvantage of wire winding on the spindle in use, so as to achieve the goal of high-speed shredding. This article mainly introduces applications of the cable shredder machine.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Features of wire shredder machine

  • Application of cable shredder machine

  • The structure of cable shredder machine


1. Features of wire shredder machine

(1) The whole design of cable shredder machine is made of one-piece welding and finishing, and the design accuracy of the equipment is high.

(2) The main components of wire shredder machine are processed by numerical control equipment, which ensures the manufacturing accuracy of the whole equipment, so as to fully achieve the design accuracy of the equipment.  The noise and vibration of the equipment are low when it works.

(3) The high design precision and high manufacturing precision ensure that the bottle pieces crushed by cable shredder machine have neat edge cutting and small curl, which brings great convenience for the cleaning and dehydration of the next process.

(4) The cutting edge of wire shredder machine is designed with V-shape, which has small impact force and small fluctuation of motor working current during grinding.

(5) The cable shredder machine uses water to crush, which not only has no dust when crushing, but also can play the role of cleaning at the same time of crushing.

(6) Cable shredder machine screen bracket hydraulic transmission, screen replacement is convenient.

(7) The cable shredder machine adopts the adjustment blade outside the machine, so the tool change is very convenient and quick.


2. Application of cable shredder machine

(1) Because most of the metal materials that need to be broken in the cable shredder machine are brittle and hard, the inner plate, pinion and iron screen of the chip breaker are the same machine parts, which should be made of wear-resistant hard material platform steel.  A flywheel is installed on the main shaft of the wire shredder machine, so that the main shaft has a larger torque when the iron chips are broken.  In addition, the main shaft of cable shredder machine should be driven by hydraulic coupling to eliminate the high peak current of the motor and absorb the vibration of the main shaft.  When the cable shredder machine is used to break the chips of high wear-resistant materials (such as bearing iron chips), the rotor should also be coated and welded to enhance its wear resistance.

(2) Wire shredder machine is widely used in many fields.  In addition to crushing wires and cables, it is also suitable for crushing materials such as colored steel tiles, pressing blocks, iron sheets, metals, bicycles, waste aluminum, domestic garbage, cans and bottles. The maintenance of cable shredder machine is convenient. The hob of small crusher adopts the overall structure due to the structural size limitation.  The hob of medium and large cable shredder machine adopts the assembly structure, which can directly replace the damaged hob.  Cable shredder machine has low speed, low noise and high torque.  cable shredder machine blades are made of high-strength alloy steel.  It has strong wear resistance and high strength. Wire shredder machine works differently between axles.  It has the function of tearing, extruding and biting.  It is specially designed for breaking metal.  It has the advantages of uniform discharge, large output and low noise. The electrical part is controlled by PLC, with automatic detection and overload protection functions.


3. The structure of cable shredder machine :

Cable shredder machine can make the service life longer and avoid any error when working.  Wire shredder machine is mainly composed of four groups of shredder blades, bearing box, box bracket, feeding system, power system and electrical control system. Cable shredder machine is mainly used for wire and cable and other waste materials. The quality of cable shredder machine is excellent, and its technical performance is good. The operation of cable shredder machine is stable.  In the process of operation, the cable shredder machine completely relies on the blade to cut materials. The blade will generate heat in the long-term cutting process, so the temperature of the blade is required by the enterprise in the production process. The production temperature of cable shredder machine blade is required.  The tempering temperature of blade is 240 ± 10 "C, holding for 60 minutes, and then oil cooling.  After quenching, the blade can be tempered at this temperature to obtain the required hardness HRC 56 ~ 59.  Cr12MoV steel adopts the heat treatment process of 1060 ± 10 ℃ quenching and 240 ± 10 ℃ tempering.

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