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What are the advantages of dry copper wire granulator compared with the traditional sorting machine?

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Dry cable granulator machine is a new type of environmentally friendly waste wire and cable and miscellaneous wire waste recycling equipment. The wire granulator machine can pulverize the waste wire and cable and separate the metal from the non-metal, which has higher economic benefits and higher work efficiency. The dry wire granulator machine can realize automatic feeding, continuous operation, variable frequency speed regulation, automatic separation after manual input of materials, and output of different separated materials respectively.  The dry cable granulating machine has strong practicability, high efficiency and low noise, and the purity of separation can reach 95-99% depending on the specific gravity of materials. So, what are the advantages of a dry cable granulator machine over a traditional sorting device?This article will introduce you to the advantages of a dry copper wire machines over a traditional sorting device.

Dry separation of dry copper recycling machines: 

The traditional separation equipment USES the method of material sinking on the bottom or floating on the surface to separate, which not only needs to dehydrate and dry the material in the later stage, but also wastes water and is not environmentally friendly.

Dry wire granulator machine does not need to burn: 

There is no good separation method for the traditional waste wires and cables, and the copper wires in the waste wires are obtained by burning, which damages the plastic and rubber and pollutes the environment at the same time. The dry wire granulator machine can completely replace this recycling method.

The dry copper wire machine is sealed and does not produce dust: 

The wire granulator machine is equipped with a dust collecting bag, which is free from dust pollution.

Kailai dry copper recycling machines becomes a truly green and pollution-free device, which guarantees the working environment of operating staff and brings you more markets. At the same time, it is also of great significance to the circular development of social economy.



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