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What cause the lower production of a copper cable granulator machine

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The production of a copper cable granulator machine is floating in a range, for example, KLG-600S can make 300kg/h the minimal, and 600kg/h the maximum. There are many factors effect the production, if you want your granulator machine to work in best condition, please review this article carefully.

1. Mixed cable sizes as raw material will effect the output directly also purity. 

Mixed cables with various sizes will reduce the output and purity. As the gap (space) between the blades is adjustable when process different size cables. The best way to ensure stable performance is sorting the cables roughly.

2. The dryness of waste cable will also affect the output of copper granulation machine. 

It requires that the waste cables do not contain water. If the waste wire got wet, the crushed copper plastic particles will adhere to the screen of crusher also separator. In that case, the crushing and separating speed will become slower, this directly reduce the output of the copper recycling granulator machine.

3. Tiny cable which copper core within 0.2mm.

When all the cables are tiny one (copper core around 0.2mm),surely the production output will become less, maybe among 260-300kg/h. Also to ensure the purity of finished product, we suggest to equip additional device, such as vibrating tables, electrostatic separator.

4. Cables with waste oil will also effect the production. 

Due to its high viscosity, the crushed particles will no easily go through the screens and separated by air blower. Not only the output reduced also cause overload for whole system.

5. Blades wearing situation and space.

The wearing of blades and blade space also directly effect the production of granulator machine. Need to do periodic inspection and timely blades grinding (sharpening). When the blade space too big, need to adjust it, the smaller the better.


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