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How to ship the heavy metal baler in the cheapest way

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Since the Covid, the shipping rate rising wildly and it happened to almost all the routes. To encourge and support the buyers, we as seller are trying our best to do the best packing and find the cheapest shipping way.

Last week, we loaded one set of customized 630T heavy push out metal baler (total measurement is 120CBM, and weight around 65Tons) to Europe. We packed all the machine parts in wooden boxes,and the main body use nude packing. Full set of metal baler will be shipped on a bulk vessel but in the cabin. So it is safer and cheaper than loading in containers. 

We also offered the buyer customs clearance service in destination port. Our client  just need to sit at home and wait for the machine arriving at his yard. It was an easy & joyful business he said.

KLAY supplys full size and various designs horizontal metal baling maching for 10 years. If you want to get a better proposal and machine, welcome to contact us anytime.



Saving the environment and making your recycling business the highest value is what we pursuing. With a professional and creative team, we will build a pleasant business with you.





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