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wire granulator machine

These articles are all highly relevant wire granulator machine. I believe this information can help you understand wire granulator machine's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Small KLG-400S dry cable granulator machine for Argentina client
    [Company news] Small KLG-400S dry cable granulator machine for Argentina client
    Usually the smallest size of our new generation cable granulator is KLG-600S (production capacity 350~500kg/hour). But client only required 200kg/hour production, so engineer team suggested to use a little smaller crusher (else keep the same with 600S), then KLG-400S came out.It is customized small size granulator (production capacity 200~250kg/hour) but with newest design and best performance (separation rate up to 99.9%).
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  • Applications of the cable shredder machine
    [Industry news] Applications of the cable shredder machine
    Wire shredder machine is a professional equipment applicable to the crushing of copper wire, aluminum wire, headphone wire and mobile phone receipt wire. It provides reliable equipment for the recycling of old wires and cables for the separation of copper and plastic. For the long length of wire and cable and easy winding, the cable shredder machine is independently developed. The wire shredder machine can effectively avoid the disadvantage of wire winding on the spindle in use, so as to achieve the goal of high-speed shredding. This article mainly introduces applications of the cable shredder machine.
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  • What’s the market trend of copper wire machines
    [Industry news] What’s the market trend of copper wire machines
    The main indicators for judging a copper wire granulation machine are the purity of copper and plastic particles, power consumption, environmental protection and production costs. There are many types of copper recycling machines in China, and the quality grades are so different. The main problems are the small-scale workshops and processed copper rice has low purity and can not be used directly as recycled copper. In addition, the residual copper in waste plastics is higher, which not only reduce the copper recycling rate and the grade of waste plastics, also cause pollution to the environment. Most of them are not perfect for use.
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  • What is wire shredder machine?
    [Industry news] What is wire shredder machine?
    Wire shredder machine is a kind of miscellaneous cables that are not suitable for processing, such as automobile power lines, communication cables and wire stripping machines. After crushing and processing, high-voltage static electricity will be separated. Copper and plastic can be completely separated, and achieve comprehensive utilization. This article mainly introduces what is wire shredder machine.
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