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Load Y81S-5000 heavy metal baler machine to Saudi Arabia

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Our Y81S-5000 heavy metal baler machine is now the hottest machine for metal scrap bundling process, especially popular with steel mills or scrap yards in KSA.  It is mainly used to extrude the scraps of light, thin ferrous and non-ferrous metal sheets (thickness usually under 6mm), rebars (diameter usually under 18mm) into bales of a high density bales/bundles, which is convenient for storage, transportation, smelting and charging into the furnace.

To ensure the stable running performance of machine,we equip famous brand parts also best quality cooling system. Even in higher temperature, our baler can run in good condition. 

It requies 3 containers for loading complete set. With our professional technical support, the client even can finish the installation by himself. Of course, we are also happy to send our engineer to install the machine and train the operators well. 

No matter you run with or without our metal baler machines, you are most welcomed to contact us regarding the machine running issue or other technical consulting. Thank you!




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