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Loading 600S copper wire granulator recycling machine to Japan- KLAY

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How about the profit on wire recycling machine investment?

                                                                                  -Question from many scrap wire yard owners

Copper wire recycling business is rapidly growing in Japan this two years, it is becoming uprising industry for most of countries. A good machine with stable performance and easier operation will help you a lot in processing the waste wires. Most of important, it can make big profit for you.


Here in CHINA, one set KLG-600S wire granulator recycling machine for processing 1 ton square line (usually its copper content is about 60% ), you get 0.6 ton pure copper recovered. The selling price of pure copper granule is about $6100/ton, so the final net profit you can get is about $820/ton. That's why more and more people involved in wire recycling business now.


Last month we loaded two 600S copper wire recycling machines to Japan. The users did the installation by themselves, and the machine ran successfully. We have our professional after-sales team which is available for sending to your site, do the installation and training.  

Choose KLAY for making a safer and joyful investment. Any enquiry on metal wire cable recycling machines, we are here for you.



Saving the environment and making your recycling business the highest value is what we pursuing. With a professional and creative team, we will build a pleasant business with you.





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