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Which one is better for wire recycling, wet type or dry type wire granulator machine?

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Nowadays the government is becoming stricter on recycling projects, not only the license approval, also the environmental assessment. So the owners must invest on environmentally friendly recycling machines to get production approval.

For most scrap wire yard owners,they know about some wire recycling machinery, like industrial wire stripping machine and granulator machine. Those machines can help them to recover the clean copper and plastic from waste wires in most efficient way. From the beginning, there is wet type granulating separating machine. After years development, new generation dry type wire granulator machine came out. For new machinery investor, they will ask “which one is better”? This blog will give you some instructions and help you to make a better choice.



To judge the performance of wire granule separating machine, generally you need to check below three aspects:

1. The separating purity      

Wet type wire granulator machine was widely used in the early days as the traditional wire recycling machine. It uses the gravity water shaker separating method to sort the copper and plastic in the waste wire. The sorting purity can basically reach about 87%.

Dry type copper wire granulator machine are the main and most popular cable recycling machine now.It use gravity vibrating separator and airflow separator. Easier to adjust for processing different size cables. The sorting purity can reach above 99%.


2. Environmental performance

For wet method granulator machine, the sorting process requires constant water addition. During the drainage, water flow takes away part of the copper and plastic, so it will reduce the copper-plastic recycling output; Besides it makes a lot of waste water, cause pollution to the environment.

While for dry method advanced scrap wire granulator machine, the whole process running without water, so there is no water waste and pollution. Also it has dust collector, no dust pollution during running. Most eco-friendly equipment for wire recycling.


3. Production capacity

Dry type granulator machine runs with PLC system, fully automatic operation. It requires less labor cost compare to wet type granulator machine. Surely the production capacity is bigger than wet type granulator machine too.


KLAY new generation advanced dry copper wire granulator machine is compact design, much easier for loading and installation. We provide you with better waste wire processing production plan, equipment technical support for free. From your first enquiry to model selection and final commission in your place, we are always with you by giving fastest reply. 

We wish you a booming business and bright future. 


Saving the environment and making your recycling business the highest value is what we pursuing. With a professional and creative team, we will build a pleasant business with you.





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