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What is cable granulator machine operation guide?

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With the development trend of lightweight manufacturing industry, cable has become the first choice of lightweight waste, deeply walk into our life, also widely used in life; From daily necessities and household appliances in daily life to automobiles, aviation and artificial satellites in military transportation, even medical supplies are involved in the application of high-performance cables. Cable granulator machineis widely used, so there must be machines for cable production, such as copper wire granulator machine, granulated copper wire etc. , what's more, you should know the operation methods of these cable granulator machines. This article mainly introduces operation guide of cable granulator machine.

Here are the main points of the article:

Confirm the project before starting the cable granulator machine

When cable granulator machine is in use

Shutdown of cable granulator machine after use

Precautions for use of cable granulator machine


1. Confirm the project before starting the cable granulator machine:

(1) Ensure that the granulated copper wire and the surrounding environment are clean and tidy and meet the site requirements.

(2) Before starting the equipment, check all the moving parts of the machine to avoid objects falling on the moving parts during transportation. Before inspection, turn off the power and turn the moving parts by hand, and pay attention to whether there is any jamming. If there is jamming, investigate the cause in time.

(3) Completely check the machine and confirm that there is no problem before powering on. Whether the motor rotation direction is consistent with the marked rotation direction, if there is any inconsistency, cut off the power and adjust the wiring sequence in time. The machine can run only after the direction of rotation of motors same with the mark.

(4) The copper wire granulator machine should be started with no load for 20-30 minutes first. Pay attention to the operation of each parts and observe whether the belt of the feeding conveyor is off-line. If there is off-line, adjust it in time, and wait until normal running. Then start feeding and debugging.

(5) To take care of the blades of cable granulator machine , better to check the mixed material before feeding. Any hard material (screws for example) feeded, it will damage the blades.


2. When cable granulator machine is in use:

(1) There is water cooler tank for cooling the crusher in copper wire granulator machine, please check if the cooler running during operation.

(2) Check the dust collecting bag timely, and clean it when necessary. We can say our cable granulator machine is environmentally friendly machinery.

(3) The feeding amount of the granulated copper wire during operation should be controlled and increased slowly, so as to avoid the accumulation of materials in the crusher machine and shut down caused by overloading. About the frequency of vibrating and air blowing, please refer to our User’s manual.


3. Shutdown of cable granulator machine after use:

(1) Stop feeding the granulated copper wire and continue to run the machine for 8-10mins to empty the remaining materials in the feeding barrel.

(2) Shut down the machine in the order: Crusher- Conveyor- Separator- Air blower - dust removal - water pump, please read User’s manual.

(3) Clean the mesh and check the blade of the cable granulator machine. 


4. Precautions for use of cable granulator machine:

(1) It is absolutely forbidden to start the cable granulator machine with material loaded. Before starting the granulated copper wire, the internal storage of the crusher should be cleaned as much as possible, otherwise the load of the crusher motor will be increased when restarting, and the internal storage of the crusher may even cause the motor to be overloaded and damaged.

(2) Make sure that the material added to the cable granulator machine does not contain any hard damaging impurities.

(3) Do not place tools or objects in the hands of hand patients close to any rotating parts at any time. Do not place hands or tools in the hands into the hopper of the cable granulator machine at any time after the operation of the cable granulator machine. Use a hose instead of hand to remove material from the inside of the hopper or from the surface of the mixing blade.

(4) Wear protective gloves when cleaning the die of cable granulator machine and changing the screen plate.

(5) When the granulated copper wire stops, turn it off successively. The feeder, the main engine, the pump, the fan, the granulator, and the granulator finally rotate the governor to the zero position.

(6) After the copper wire granulator machine stops, immediately turn off the electricity and clean the site.

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