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Classification and characteristics of copper wire granulator machine

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With the expansion of cable applications in various fields, the copper wire granulator machine has been widely used. It is making great value for cable recycling. Many people do not know about the cable granulator machine, this article mainly introduces classification and characteristics of the copper wire granulator machine.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Use of the granulated copper wire

Features of the copper wire granulator machine

Classification of copper wire granulator machine


1. Use of the granulated copper wire

The copper wire granulator machine is mainly used for processing waste cable (car circuit wires, communication wire , household wire, telephone wire, computer wire and other most common waste cable). It is the most widely used, most popular cable chopping machine in the waste cable recycling industry. The granulated copper wire can be used for water-cooled granulating processing of pp PE abs, ps PC, pu PPR, PVC and other cables by changing and adjusting the configuration on the existing basis.


2. Features of the copper wire granulator machine

Cable granulator machine combines high speed and strong mixing of twin screws with low speed, low temperature and weak shear characteristics of single screw, so as to enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses. It is now the preferred type for high-efficiency mixing modification of heat-sensitive and shear-sensitive materials. Applicable to: PVC copper wire granulator machine, sole material, transparent bottle material, medical material, low-smoke halogen-free or halogen-free flame retardant cable material, EVA shielding material, PE/EVA carbon black master material and other cross-linked cable material, irradiation cross-linked cable material production. The granulating copper wire machine has the following advantages: excellent separating effect and easy operation. Use smaller amounts of electricity and footprint. The mixing and pelletizing process of raw materials is fully automatic (automatic line control) to reduce personnel operation. The copper wire granulator machine does not require special operation technology, and it is easy to produce high-quality and pure finished granules. The granulating copper wire machine has excellent safety. Easy temperature control for crusher body, thus reducing material damage and deterioration.

(1) All the recovered cables can be produced without shaking, drying or drying after sorting, crushing and cleaning. The wire copper cable granulator can be both wet and dry. But now the dry type is most popular because it is eco friendly, no pollution.

(2) The gearbox is designed with high torque to achieve noiseless and stable operation.

(3) The screw, the barrel by special hardening treatment, wear resistance, mixing performance is good, high yield characteristics, vacuum exhaust or common exhaust design for exhausting dust away to ensure the good quality of the finished product.

(4) The machine body material use Q235 steel plate. The base plate of the whole machine is thickened by 8# channel steel into 10# channel steel.

(5) Copper wire granulator machine has a beautiful and elegant appearance. According to customer's request to match the color spray paint. Also integral design to make installation much easier.


3. Classification of copper wire granulator machine

(1) Smallest 400A dry type compact wire copper cable granulator, with capacity 150-200kg/hour.

(2) Medium 600S upgrade dry type copper wire granulator machine, it’s the hottest model and economic with great performance. With conveyor system, crusher,magnetic iron removal, air separation, additional vibrating tables,electrostatic separator. With all above devices, the purity can be raised to 99.9%.

(3) Large 800S dry type line copper wire granulator machine, it is also the hot selling model. The full line has conveyor system, crusher, two air separators, magnetic iron removal, four vibrating tables,electrostatic separator.  

(4) Wet type copper wire separating machine 

I hope the introduction of copper wire granulator machine is helpful to you. If you need cable granulator machine, please contact us freely. We can provide you the best proposal for your recycling business investment. Please contact us if you need Electrostatic SeparatorRadiator Recycling Machine or other wire recycling machinery.



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