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Basic components of copper wire granulator machine

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Copper wire granulator machine is a kind of cable material production equipment. The product is simple to operate and has excellent safety performance. The cable granulator machine can be divided into PVC cable granulator machine and CPE cable granulator machine. Different cable granulator machines have different configurations. This article will introduce basic components of copper wire granulator machine.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Basic components of the copper wire granulator machine

Production equipment of copper wire granulator machine

Operating principle of copper wire granulator machine


1. Basic components of the copper wire granulator machine:

The wire copper cable granulator consists of a crusher, conveyor system and vibrating air separator and cooling system. Crusher for crushing the copper wires into mixed copper/plastic granules. Conveyor system for conveying the granules to separator table. Then the separator does separating of the copper/plastic by air suction/blowing and shaking. Because of different gravity, the copper and plastic comes from two output ends separately, generally the purity can reach 99%. To increase the purity, also additional vibrating device or electrostatic separator equipped after wire granulator machine.

(1) Crusher blades for granulating copper wire : it is the most important component of the copper wire granulator machine, which is directly related to the application range and production efficiency of the copper wire granulator machine. It is made of alloy steel with high strength and corrosion resistance.

(2) Air separating device for granulating copper wire machine: it runs with vibrating table, air suction and blowing device, screen. The good performance of this part is decided by date setting. Doing rightly adjustment of the force of air suction and blowing, vibrating frequency is very important to the separation rate.Blower frequency should be 35-45Hz, vibrating frequency should be 30-40Hz.

(3) Hopper of the granulating copper wire: a cut-off device is installed at the bottom of the hopper to adjust and cut off the material flow. Hopper with bigger opening feed mouth will much helpful for efficient running.

(4) Machine head and mold of the granulating copper wire: the machine head is composed of alloy steel inner sleeve and carbon steel outer jacket, and the molding mold is installed in the machine head.


2. Production equipment of copper wire granulator machine:

The PVC wire copper cable granulator uses a two-step granulator. First order for GLS type high speed direction twin-screw extruder, the second order for the GLD series single screw extruder, a double cascade composite unit, basic structure forms and features: double screw speed, strong mixing with single screw speed, low temperature and weak combined shear properties, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, is now the heat-sensitive, shear sensitive material of choice for efficient mixing modification with models. Applicable to PVC copper wire granulator machine, sole material, transparent bottle material, medical material, low-smoke halogen-free or halogen-free flame retardant cable material, EVA shielding material, PE/EVA carbon black master material and other cross-linked cable material, irradiation cross-linked cable material production. The equipment has the following advantages: excellent mixing effect and easy temperature control. Use smaller amounts of electricity and footprint. The mixing and pelletizing process of raw materials is fully automatic (automatic line control) to reduce personnel operation. This set of equipment does not require special operation technology, production of high quality products and simple operation. It has excellent safety. Easy temperature control, thus reducing material damage and deterioration.



3. Operating principle of copper wire granulator machine:

Generally, the cable granulator is called copper wire granulator machine in enterprises, mainly because the host system of the granulator is the copper wire granulator machine. Operating the machine rightly can make efficient production at lowest cost and safely. Place the machine on good level ground, after carefully inspection on the power connection, please operating the granulator machine according to below tips.

 Steps of buttons operation to start machine: Conveyor→Pre-dedusting→After dedusting→Water pump→Spare(shaking table)→Air blowing→ Separators→Crusher→1# conveyor

Steps of buttons operation to shutdown machine:1#conveyor→Crusher→Conveyor→Water pump→Separators→Air blowing→Pre-dedusting→After dedusting

Caution: Stop feeding for minutes before stop the machine.

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