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Applications of the cable shredder machine

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Cable shredder machine is composed of a set of rotating blades, shafts, electric cabinet with PLC system and driving motor. The cable is fed from the middle of the biting blades and divided into many small pieces of cable to achieve the purpose of confidentiality. The cable shredding method refers to the size of the cable after being processed by wire shredder machine. According to the composition of the cable shredder, the existing cable shredding methods are: broken, segmented, granular, striped, etc. This article mainly introduces applications of the cable shredder machine

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Cable shredder machine application material

Working mode of wire shredder machine

Shredding capacity of cable shredder machine

Performance of cable shredder machine


1. Cable shredder machine application material

Most wire shredder machines are designed to process wires,electronic waste,waste radiator from car and AC,aluminum can,oil drum,lightweight metals or nonmetal waste. If you are going to crush your metal or nonmetal waste, it is best to choose a model with a wide entrance, so that the waste can directly enter the cable shredder machine for processing. There are also some wire shredder machines that use feed hopper so that they can handle the bundles of wires or other waste. There are also different design cable shredder machines that can handle more things, such as wood, cloth, plastic, rubber tires etc. 


2. Working mode of wire shredder machine

Cable shredder machine is composed of a set of rotating blades, single or double shafts, PLC control system and driving motor. The cable is fed from the middle of the biting blades and divided into small pieces to achieve the purpose of reprocessing. The cable shredding method refers to the size of cable after being processed by cable shredder machine. According to the composition of cable shredding knife, the existing cable shredding machine designs mainly are Single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder.


3. Shredding capacity of cable shredder machine

Cable shredding capacity refers to the cable material and diameter that can be processed by wire shredder machine at one time, we usually measure it by the hourly input of processed material. Capacity for small shredder is about 400-800kg/hour, medium is 1200-1500kg/h, big one is 5000-8000kg/hour. Generally, the better the finished product is, the less the paper shredding capacity is. Because the different size of mesh used in shredder. When breaking wire, it must be used according to the wire breaking capacity that the machine can bear, so as to avoid abnormal material stuck of the machine, excessive burning of motor overload, etc.


4. Performance of cable shredder machine

Wire shredding performance refers to the size of waste wire formed after the wire is processed by wire shredder machine, which is generally in mm. Granule and foam are the best, followed by fragment, and strip and segment are the worse. In different occasions, you can choose wire shredder machine with different wire shredding effects according to the actual needs. If the scrap wire yards and small recycling companies are not involved in confidentiality, we can choose small model KGSH-400A and other specifications. Even for same model machine, you can adjust the knifes and shaft to make different sizes of finished product. Waste wires processed by the cable shredder machine will be much easier for crushed into granules, also easier for shipping and storage.

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