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Precautions during operation of Vertical waste paper baler

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Firstly we'd like to introduce the working principle of Y82 series Vertical paper plastic baler:

Hydraulic system is the heart of hydraulic machinery. It mainly consists of pumps,valves and motors. The cylinder movement direction of baler machine is controlled by reversing valves. The pressure oil flowing through the pump enters the lower chamber of cylinder via the throttle valve and reversing valve core along the pipeline. Under the action of the pressure oil,the cylinder of waste paper baler moves upwards, and the pushing mechanism realizes the lifting action. 

At this time, the upper chamber of cylinder discharges the oil, then it flows back to the oil tank through the annular groove and the pipe on the right side of the reversing valve spool.

The throttle valve controls the running speed of the hydraulic cylinder. Users can adjust the system working pressure by screwing the spring in overflow valve. High pressure determines the ability of waste paper baler to withstand working pressure. When the lifting external load exceeds the carrying capacity set by the overflow valve, the oil pressure will reach the high pressure of the hydraulic pump. At this time, the hydraulic pressure acting on the steel ball pushes the steel ball away, and the pressure oil directly flows back to the oil tank through the overflow valve and the oil return pipe, also the system pressure will not continue to rise. 

Therefore, the overflow valve here also plays a role in making the system safely overloaded. The oil sucked by the pump from the oil tank is first filtered. It is necessary to remove impurities and protect the valves of the system from being blocked.

Vertical paper baler

Precautions during operation of waste paper hydraulic baler

1. The oil supply system should add the specified number of hydraulic oil according to the quantity specified in the above description. The oil temperature should not exceed 50-70°C.

2. The oil supply system:

A. The oil must be filtered through a 120-150um mesh filter before being added to the fuel tank. Users need to clean the fuel tank monthly within half year after the installation.

B. After three months of normal use, clean the oil and filter once every production quarter.

3. After adjusting the relief valves, unloading valves, and travel switches, effective measures should be taken to prevent other people from tampering with them, so as to avoid accidents.

4.  Users must overhaul and maintain the equipment carefully once a year, and replace the grease in all bearings during this period.

5. It is strictly forbidden for unprofessional workers to operate. When feeding, you must move your hands away and then step on the compression. Operators must pay attention to safety.

6. It is strictly forbidden to make overweight bales.

7. After feeding, be sure to step on the material exposed from the material box to the upper part of the chamber box, otherwise it may cause the cylinder to bend or the pressure plate to deform.

Waste paper baler is an important equipment for waste paper recycling, besides it is of great significance to the compressing of waste paper and other easily compressible renewable resources(like PET bottles,cardboard,plastic film etc). Practice has proved that our waste paper baler has compact structure, flexible & automatic operation, which greatly improves the density of waste paper, saves packaging materials, reduces cost in vehicle transportation. Also it has a long service life, large pressure, most of all, it is quite economical. The benefits are considerable.

However, the hydraulic baler has the problem of poor quality of hydraulic parts, and at the same time requires high maintenance and technical quality of operators. 

KLAY as the professional baler supplier only use the international good reputation brand for electric and hydraulic parts, that's the reason our machines can work for pretty long life in stable performance. We welome your inquiry anytime!


Saving the environment and making your recycling business the highest value is what we pursuing. With a professional and creative team, we will build a pleasant business with you.





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