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How to install a Metal Baler correctly

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For most of scrap yards or metal mills, they need a machine for baling their waste metals into small bales, in this way, they can have a good management of material storage also less transportation cost of materials. A horizontal metal baler machine will be the best choice for achieving this process.

With the development of technology, Chinese baler production technology has become more mature, and the cost advantage is also obvious. There are more and more users around the world. Installation becomes the only concern for them (Covid-19 virus makes after-sales installation abroad more difficult). This article tells you how to install a metal baler by yourself.

Know Structure of machine before installation

Generally Chinese Metal Baler (scrap metal press machine) consists of the body, master cylinder(biggest), side cylinder (second) , cover cylinder, gate cylinder (or tilting cylinder), hydraulic system and pipeline system.


1. The body

The machine body is made up of the left/right frames, front frame,base,door cover,beam, the sliding channel,gate, the supporting frame of the master cylinder ,the main pressure head,the side pressure head, size rods and the supporting frame of the cover. The compressing chamber is welded with wearing plates.

2. The main cylinder

This is a double function and single piston type cylinder with the biggest force for doing the final baling.

3. The side cylinder

Each baler comes with one or more side cylinders. The side cylinder doing the first baling after the lid closed.

4. Cover cylinder

It is articulated to the cover- supporting frame of the machine body with two shafts, piston is articulated to the cover with pin bearing and drives the cover in rotary open/close movement and the locking of the cover.

5. Gate cylinder (or tilting cylinder)

Gate cylinder (or tilting cylinder) is a cylinder for ejecting the bale. Side push out type baler has one gate cylinder while turn out type baler has one tilting cylinder.

6.Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is comprised of high pressure pump, motor, valve parts and oil tank. It is the most important part for baler, a well-designed hydraulic system makes good running machine.



Generally Preparations

Get the electric cable (check the dimension with supplier according to the motor power) and hydraulic oil (brand 68# or 46#, check with supplier the exact liters) ready before installation. Put the machine on smooth 25cm (at least) concrete floor. You can set the machinery indoor or outdoor according to special conditions.


Debugging preparations

Conduct an inspection of the machine to find out whether hydraulic and electric connections are correct, secure and not loose.

Inject lubricating oil into lubrication points based on lubricating requirements.

Inject hydraulic oil that is filtered rigidly into the fuel tank (N46 hydraulic oil is used in summer,and N32 HYDRAULIC OIL in winter),and add leading oil into return oil holes of the oil pumps. Spray 20# machine oil into lubricating parts. Operators should start to run this machine only after he has a detailed knowledge of the structure and function of parts in the machine,and under the instruction of installation persons from the supplier if there is any.


Idling test run

(1) Turn on the power to drive the motor ( in a way that the operation is terminated immediately after the start-up ), and see if there is any inconsistency between the motor’s rotating direction and the standard turning direction of the oil pump.

(2) Set the oil pump in motion to examine whether it is stable and reliable during operation. No noise should be heard clearly in the pump then you can start the test run.

(3) Adjust the handle of relief valve to achieve a pressure value about 20Mpa,them carry out single-acting for each cylinders under manual operation in accordance with operating order to determine whether they perform smoothly and without vibration. 

(4) After cylinders perform their reciprocal actions separately,conduct the process of automatic baling under automatic operation.


On-load test run

Two types of test run are included: semi-auto control and fully automatic control.

1. Semi-auto control

(1) Adjust the pressure system to about 20-22Mpa. Imitate the operating process of a baler in accordance with the sequence of operation. Operation directions are available in the touch screen.

(2) Feed the waste materials in compressor chamber. Press one or two bales out of the waste materials and keep the pressure for 3-5 seconds respectively after each cylinder stroke moves into place. It aims to conduct a pressure resistance test of the system so as to find out whether any oil leakage occurs.If leakages do occur, they should be eliminated after the pressure relief.


2. Fully automatic control

Users should proceed the fully automatic test run after they have completed semi-auto test successfully. An"Emergency shutdown" button is provided additionally for the process of automatic control, the machine can be shut down urgently when any failure occurs during that process. The whole process of automatic control baling can be finished through a press on the start-up button.


Above are the brief steps for installing a Chinese horizontal metal baler (metal baling machine), may any questions you have which we didn't mention, kindly contact us for technical support. KLAY will be your reliable technical consultant on metal baler machines.


Saving the environment and making your recycling business the highest value is what we pursuing. With a professional and creative team, we will build a pleasant business with you.





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