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What machine you should choose for scrap wire recycling?

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Dismantling the metal in scrap cables and wires requires professional scrap wire recycling equipment. By shredding, grinding, and separating, the metal (copper,aluminum,steel) can be recycled efficiently, come with the highest value for reuse or reselling. This article will give you instructions of choosing a suitable machine for your cable recycling.

Generally one complete set of scrap wire recycling line include crusher, magnetic iron removal, airflow gravity separator, pulse dust removal. In addition, depending on the thickness and processing capacity of the scrap wires, you can choose cutting machine, double-shaft pre-shredder, electrostatic separator. Even sometime a magnetic iron removal for processing wires with steel. 

Standard wire granulator machine line

The scrap wire size between 3~20mm, production capacity 100~200kg/h, small wire granulator KLG-400A will be fine. This model use compact design, saves space and no installation. If you want little bigger production capacity, take a small wire cutting machine to help with pretreatment.

Metal wire granulator machine with pre-shredder

When the production capacity over 300kg/h and wire size between 20~30mm,need medium model wire granulator KLG-600SA (with a double shaft pre-shredder). The pre-shredder can visibly increase the production as well as the blades life of main crusher, especially when processing big wires, it will reduce the wearing of blades in crusher.

Electrostatic separator for ting thin wires

If there are thin wires around 2mm,the core under 0.2mm(such as headphone cord, telephone cord), need to equip one electrostatic separator based on generally cable wire granulating machine. It will sorting the plastic out of copper by static electricity, no water or chemical material used. After double separation on electrostatic separator, the purity nearly 99.9%.


Above are the main equipment configurations used when processing different metal scrap cables, if you have more questions on wire recycling machines, welcome to contact us, our engineer will give you professional customized proposal. All models of copper wire granulator machines, please contact us for good recycling proposal. 


Saving the environment and making your recycling business the highest value is what we pursuing. With a professional and creative team, we will build a pleasant business with you.





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