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How to recycle copper and aluminum by ac waste radiators recycling machine

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This article tells about the waste radiator recycling value and how does waste radiators recycling machine work. We believe you will get useful information and some good ideas about radiator recycling business.

Valuable waste radiator resources

Every year, human life creates a large quantity of waste radiators, such as air-conditioning radiators, heating radiators, automobile air-conditioning radiators, etc. This is not only polluting the environment but also wasting resources. The cooper and aluminum in the waste radiators has great recyclable value. People can recover them efficiently by advanced automatic aluminum radiator recycling machine.

According to the difference in quality and type, the contained copper and aluminum in waste radiators are also quite different. Good quality waste radiators are made of around 80% copper tube, 15% aluminum and 5% iron. This is A grade waste radiators. For example, automobile air-conditioning car radiators.  But for most of scrap collecting yards, main waste is daily use air-conditioning radiators which is made of 55% copper, 40% aluminum and 5% iron. 

With the increased demand of environmental protection and efficient waste recovering production, people like to use more professional waste radiators recycling machine for metal recovery. Its main advantages are large processing capacity and high recovery rate. Since high purity copper, aluminum and iron come from its separation, which can sell at a very good price. Besides it will solve the storage issues for recycling yards owners at same time. They bring the higher recovery value compared to baling the radiators.

How does waste radiator recycling machines recover copper?

Complete waste radiator recycling production line include shredder, crushers, magnetic conveyors, air separators(radiator copper and aluminum separating machine), gravity vibrating tables, dust removing device. Below is the working process of the entire recycling line:


1. Feed radiators by manual or crane to double shaft shredder

2. Around 5CM length strips after shredder, on conveyor to crushers

3. Magnetic iron removal conveyor for sorting the iron out.

4. Air separator sort the aluminum chips out.

5. Secondary magnetic sorting for removing iron.

6. Gravity vibrating separator for separating the final copper and aluminum.

Whole line run with dust collector, no dust pollution. Meanwhile it adopts dry method separating, no water pollution either.

If you have other questions on metal recycling business, welcome to talk with us. KLAY focus on all kinds of metal recycling equipment, radiator recycling machine, wire granulator machine and stripper machine etc. You can find the best waste solution here.


Saving the environment and making your recycling business the highest value is what we pursuing. With a professional and creative team, we will build a pleasant business with you.





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