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Can copper wire granulator machine process electric wire plug?

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Recently, we received many such inquires from customers: Can the copper wire granulator machine process electric wire plugs? Here, our engineer confirmed YES, KLAY wire granulator machine can crush and recycle electric wire plugs efficiently.

The difficulty of recycling electric wire plugs

Among the recycled scrap wires, mixed wires contains more wire plugs from automobiles and motorcycles wires. Customers who are familiar with the electric wire plug recycling machines may know that if the machine process the waste wires with plugs directly, there will be impurities in the sorted copper and plastic. Those impurities from the plugs. There are many pieces of iron and brass in the plugs. Normally you need to manually disassemble (remove) the plugs before feeding the mixed wires in electric wire granulating machine. But some customers have a lot of waste wires in their yards, sorting the mixed wires require a lot of extra work, so they want to put them directly into the cable granulator machine for processing. The consequence is that the sorted copper and plastic contain a lot of iron and brass flake impurities. Sometimes the iron in plugs also damage the blades of crusher during crushing.

What's the solution?

However, to meet the needs of customers to recycle waste wires containing wire plugs directly, KLAY technicians have continuously upgraded wire recycling machine. At present, the new copper wire machine produced by KLAY can realize the directly crushing and sorting of waste wires containing plugs. The iron and brass pieces in the wire plugs can be separated without affecting the purity of the copper and plastic granules.

When using wire granulation machine to process the waste plug wires directly , it is necessary to equip some corresponding additional device to separate the iron and brass pieces in the wire plug, for example, magnetic iron removal, vibrating separating table. By this way, the blades in wire crusher recycling machine line can be protected well.

The specific proposal of the copper wire recycling machine needs to be confirmed according to the materials which customer wants to process. We also have electric wire plug shredder machine, wire stripping machine and other recycling machines. You are warmly welcomed to enquiry KLAY and make an appointment for machine testing! 


Saving the environment and making your recycling business the highest value is what we pursuing. With a professional and creative team, we will build a pleasant business with you.





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