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Horizontal Push Out Type Automatic Metal Scrap Baler

  • Y81T-1250


Y81T-1250 Horizontal Push Out Type Automatic Metal Scrap Baler  is capable of extruding various metal leftover,steel turnings, waste copper,aluminum,stainless steel, scrapped car body and other shapes of metals waste.  It makes high density bales, like square, column,cylinder etc. different shapes are available.

By this way, the cost of transportation and burning loss can be reduced. It also makes efficient storage.

Horizontal Push Out Type Automatic Metal Scrap Baler is mainly used in steel plants,recycling yards,waste recovery and metal refining industry. Size of compression chamber and bale can be customized.

General parted design and compact design for different layout space. Operation can be manual operation and PLC automatic remote control.

Features & advantages

1) Hydraulic drive, no need special foundataion
2) Compact design, no need to install

3) Pressing force ranges from 125T to 1000T

4) Customized bale & box size

5) Hardox steel for whole wearing plates

Technical data


Main cylinder force


Feed box size


Bale size 


Bale weight






Y81T-1250A 125 1200*700*600 250*250
45-60 0.6-0.9 15
Y81T-1250B 125 1200*700*600 300*300 50-70 0.8-1.0 18.5
One set machine can be loaded in one 20" container.

Successful case

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1. No matter before or after selling, you will get 24 hours online service.

2. Any needed machine parts can be supplied with professional guiding and competitive price.

3. Engineer can be dispatched abroad for installation and maintenance

4.  Due to quality issue,free parts provided during warranty.

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